The DSSES goal is to reintroduce Coho and Chum salmon into Refuge Lagoon on West Redonda Island, to improve spawning conditions for the small existing Coho run in Black Lake at Roscoe Bay on West Redonda Island, and to enhance salmon habitat at the mainland Unwin Lakes in Tenedos Bay.

Ours is a salmon first project.  Policy decisions are derived from a holistic reading of the salmon system.  Our work is based on recent scientific studies pinpointing salmon migration and spawning habits as the ecological hub around which revolves a wide ranging biological system.  The system contributes to the sustenance of plant, animal and insect life crucial to the vitality of the air filtering coastal forest. Any diminution of the salmon system affects the quality of our food, the economic well being of coastal communities and the health and diversity of the forest and its inhabitants.  It affects the air we breathe.