To Vivian Hatrias and  Susan and Mark Torrance for donations to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for allocation to DSSES. Thanks to Madeline and Robert Rowan for their donation. 

The Desolation Sound Salmon Enhancement Society is a licenced, non-profit society run by a small group of concerned individuals on a sparsely inhabited island in the Mainland Inlets Territory.  We are always open to donations which can help us continue to strengthen the spawning cycles we have started and further enhance damaged creeks in the Desolation Sound area.

And, of course, we have a wish list:

  1. A reliable boat and engine to facilitate transport to work at Tenedos Bay.
  2. A small boat for transport on the Unwin Lakes.
  3. Materials for a lagoon pier for our necessary Refuge Lagoon transport boat [$800]
  4. More volunteers for stream rehabilitation and salmon return monitoring.  This involves boating, hiking, and physical work  in some of the most pristine coastal areas of British Columbia.
  5. Materials for construction of fish enumeration facility at entrance to Refuge Lagoon. [$2000.00]

To make a donation, please contact the Desolation Sound Salmon Enhancement Society:

Summer (May through October): Box 20, Refuge Cove, BC, V0P 1P0 

Telephone: (250) 287-5992 

Winter (November through April):

Telephone: (250) 935-0941