Thanks: To the crew for care of the environment well beyond the call of duty. I hope the return of the spawning salmon to creeks made ready for them rewards workers for endless trips in leaky boats across rain swept lakes and for the slogs up muddy creeks to mend habitat damaged by careless old ways – work which would not otherwise have been done.

Special thanks to Delia Becker and Scott Rempel, whose passion, diligence, leadership, and really hard work have restored salmon runs where where they had once disappeared.


Delia Becker and Scott Rempel

Desolation Sound Salmon Enhancement Society
Directors: Catherine Gauthier
Robert Fraser
Reinhold Hoge
Scott Rempel
Rob Smeal
Judy Williams
Corrine Corry
President: Catherine Gauthier
Fisheries Community Advisor: Cindy Harlow
Crew: Fish rearing: Rob Smeal
Creek Crew: Scott Remple
Delia Becker
Reinhold Hoge
Rob Smeal
Catherine Gauthier
Monica Scholtens
David Hall
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